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  • Protecting Your Personal Property in a Divorce

    For spouses going through a divorce, the division of property can be one of the most contentious issues endured throughout the process. It is not just about the material items or the money, but the fact that you likely worked for quite some time to earn what you now have and, rightfully, want to ensure you do not end up parting with something that is your personal property. First, it is important ...
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  • Determining Separate and Marital Property

    Divorce can be a tough experience to go through for many people. Often, people want nothing more than to just get it over with and never have to see their spouse again. However, the process isn’t always easy. Divorce involves a number of complications, one of the most difficult being which partner gets what. Separating your property and assets is a complicated process, particularly for high ...
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  • What Happens to the Family Home in Divorce

    When couples decide to divorce, one of the most controversial topics includes asset division , especially the division of real estate such as the family home. For some couples, it may be too difficult financially to maintain the expenses of a family home as a single parent. For others, both may be extremely attached to the home and want to remain living there. So what options do couples have? ...
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