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Blog Posts in October, 2016

  • Do Family Vacations Ultimately Lead to Divorce?

    If you are thinking that a fun family vacation over the summer or the upcoming winter might be the perfect thing to fix your marital woes, you might want to think again. Sociologists at the University of Washington have completed an in-depth study that concluded more divorces tend to be filed in March and August than any other months in a year; winter and summer holiday seasons officially end in ...
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  • Child Custody Battles & Common Mistakes Made During Them

    During a child custody battle, it can be easy to get caught up watching your ex-spouse to see if they make any mistakes, growing unaware of the slipups you might be making. Since the court is paying close attention to both of you to try to determine who deserves primary custody rights, you really have to watch yourself closely, too. Just one misstep and you could find yourself at an outcome you ...
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