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There is no better time to create a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement than during the engagement period or the honeymoon period. During this period, couples are often the most and excited about their future together. They are more likely to cooperate and compromise in order to make their marriage work.

Our Fairfax prenup attorneys have negotiated and drafted numerous marital agreements, both prenuptial and post-nuptial.

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Our Fairfax marital agreement attorney can assist clients with drafting, negotiating, and reviewing:

  • Prenuptial agreements: This is an agreement between a couple drafted prior to their marriage and can outline various terms concerning premarital assets, assets acquired during the marriage, property division in the event of divorce, and spousal support, among other issues unique to a couple’s financial circumstances. When the parties have signed, this agreement becomes effective on the date of marriage.
  • Post-nuptial agreements: This type of agreement is drafted after a couple is married and can include many of the same issues as prenuptial agreements and may also address issues concerning children born or adopted during the marriage, including custody and child support. This agreement becomes effective on the date when both parties have signed. Entering into a post-nuptial agreement is an alternative to trial for divorcing spouses to resolve all issues resulting from the dissolution of their marriage. These agreements may be included in a court order, often without the need for a court hearing.

Firm founders Christopher Malinowski and Melanie Hubbard have each co-authored chapters of the Virginia Continuing Legal Education handbook Negotiating and Drafting Marital Agreements, and Chris has lectured extensively on the subject to judges, other attorneys, and legal professionals throughout Virginia.

Our Fairfax marital agreement lawyers can work with you to obtain a marital agreement that is fair, balanced, and protects your assets and legal interests. You can also be confident that your agreement will be enforceable in court if you and your spouse ultimately decide to go your separate ways.

Benefits of a Prenuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement

  • Planning for the marriage: In many ways, the process of creating a prenuptial agreement can also be seen as a way for couples to plan for their marriage. You can outline expectations and resolve disagreements regarding finances at this early stage to avoid disputes down the road.
  • Planning for divorce: In the event that the marriage does not work, entering into a post-nuptial agreement allows the parties to resolve matters concerning finances, to include who will remain in the marital residence, and child custody without going through the stress, expense, and uncertainty of a trial. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your interests are legally protected by an agreement that was negotiated on your behalf by one of our experienced and competent marital agreement attorneys.

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