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Child support agreementIn Virginia, both parents are required to financially support their minor children, whether they are married or not. The state's child support guidelines are based on a number of variables and circumstances specific to each parent and child. If you need assistance establishing, modifying, or enforcing child support, Malinowski Hubbard and our team of experienced Fairfax child support lawyers can guide you. We can steer parents towards fair and balanced solutions while looking out for their child’s best interests.

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Child support is usually calculated by looking at:

  • Work-related childcare expense
  • Cost of health insurance for the child
  • Combined income of both parents
  • Custody arrangement
  • Costs of raising the child
  • Number of children of each parent

Our child support attorneys in Fairfax can help you better understand the state's child support guidelines, how and when they are applied, and if you are eligible to seek a deviation to increase or decrease the guideline amount. If you believe that the other party is not disclosing income or intentionally remaining unemployed or underemployed, we can also help you resolve disputes concerning income calculation. We are dedicated to helping our clients receive or pay the appropriate child support amount for their children.

Modifying Child Support

We understand that a person’s financial circumstances can change, which can make it difficult to maintain the current support payments. You or the other party may have lost a job, become ill, or received a new job or promotion, all of which may warrant a change in child support payments. Our lawyers can assist parents with upward or downward modification of child support.

Providing Essential Support

From establishing an initial child support order to modifications and enforcement of existing orders, our Fairfax child support attorneys provide valuable legal guidance to our clients. We have extensive experience resolving child support matters and can work closely with you to implement effective solutions tailored to your goals. To speak with one of our lawyers about your child support concerns, contact our office.

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