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Protective orders are issued in cases where one party is experiencing abuse from a family member, significant other, or roommate. At Malinowski Hubbard, our Fairfax family law attorneys can represent men and women in domestic violence cases in family court. From protecting abuse victims to defending accusations of violence, we are well-versed in advocating for clients on both sides of the issue.

Filing Protective Orders

If you or your child is the victim of abuse by a family or household member, whether a spouse or a dating partner, you can seek an order of protection in court. Our divorce attorneys in Fairfax can guide you through the process to obtain an order and help to safeguard you and your children. We prepare clients for court hearings and paperwork, and give them support through this difficult time.

Protective orders can:

  • Prohibit the abuser from going near you, your children, your home, and place of work
  • Prohibit the abuser from contacting you and your children
  • Grant you custody of your minor children

Defending Accusations of Family Abuse

If you have been falsely accused of family abuse and need assistance defending against that claim, our team can advocate for you. We can present the facts of your case to the judge and take action to help prevent a protective order from being unjustly issued. We understand that sometimes accusations of domestic violence are made by a party in divorce and child custody cases in an attempt to gain leverage. Our divorce lawyers are adept at identifying when a protective order is being used to secure an unfair advantage.

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Whether you have been abused and need protection or you are being accused of domestic violence against a household member, we can provide legal guidance at all stages of your case.

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