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Why Gray Divorces May Be on the Rise

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Divorce rates are on the rise throughout the United States. While many have been quick to attribute this trend to the younger generations, older couples have also been playing their part. Researchers from Bowling Green State University in Ohio have found that over the past few decades, the divorce rates in couples 50 years or older have risen dramatically. Referred to as “gray divorces”, the dissolution of marriage between older spouses has nearly doubled between the years of 1990 and 2010.

Why Are Gray Divorces Occurring in Greater Numbers?

While the researchers have only reviewed the raw data, they have suggested several explanations for this trend. One theory is based on the idea that the social stigmas which have traditionally surrounded divorce in America have recently begun to fall away. This, in turn, has reduced the pressure on the older generations to stay in unhappy marriages. Coupled with the availability of information in our technological age and the ease of access to legal resources, couples are more easily able to consider divorce as a viable option.

Another possible explanation for the rising divorce rates has to do with age. Today, the average life expectancy for both men and women is substantially higher than it has ever been. As people age, their circumstances can evolve dramatically. A person’s dislikes, hobbies, and abilities are all subject to change along with what they may find appealing in a partner. The chances of evolving personalities putting a marriage at risk may increase over longer periods of time.

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Regardless of age, when a marriage begins to break down, divorce may be the best option. If you have been considering a divorce and are ready to explore the next steps, contact Malinowski Hubbard, PLLC and speak to our firm about your situation. Our Fairfax divorce attorneys practice exclusively in the field of family law and have helped countless others to protect their interests well into retirement.

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