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Common Mistakes People Make During Their Child Custody Battle

When you are going through a difficult child custody battle, it can be easy to let yourself get caught up watching to see if your ex-spouse makes any mistakes. But what about you? Many people are unaware of the mistakes they make during their child custody battle because they are too busy waiting to see if their ex slips-up.

Since the court is paying close attention to both of you, it is important to remember to watch yourself closely if you want to obtain custody rights. One wrong step and you can end up with an outcome you didn’t expect. Below, we explain a few of the common mistakes that people make during child custody disputes.

Social Media Mishaps

While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media apps allow us to express ourselves freely at any time, they can also be a source for numerous disputes during a child custody battle. Angry rants or posts about your party life can be used to show the court that you have poor judgment and are not suited to be the custodial parent. You should go through and edit any social media accounts you have to reflect that you are a responsible and family oriented person.

Temporary Disobedience

As your divorce progresses, the court might create its own temporary child custody orders that will stay in place until a final order is given. These interim orders are not mere suggestions and must be followed exactly. Your custody rights can be dramatically reduced if you choose to ignore or violate a temporary custody order.

Failing to Communicate

Communication between spouses is important during a divorce, whether you want to talk with your ex-spouse or not. Completely shutting down and cutting off your ex before the divorce can be finalized demonstrates to the court that you are incapable of cooperation and that you might be a hotheaded or impatient individual. These are not personality traits of the “best” parent for the child.

Criminal Record

Getting arrested is certainly one of the most damaging things that can happen to you during a child custody battle. In fact, you don’t even need to be convicted of a crime to hurt your chances of gaining child custody. Simply being put in handcuffs can have a similar effect on your case as being convicted of a crime. Refrain from any activity that could be seen as illegal or could reasonably lead to trouble while your divorce plays out.

Have you made one or more of the mistakes we have discussed in this blog? Are you not really sure what to do next in your divorce? No matter the circumstances of your family law dispute, we can help. Contact our Fairfax team of divorce attorneys to learn about all the ways we can help with your case.