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  • How to Prepare Yourself for Divorce

    When your marriage begins to fall apart and divorce is likely on the horizon, it is important to prepare yourself for the many challenges you will have to face. While these challenges can be overwhelming, proper planning early on can help you make smart financial and legal choices for both you and your family. In this blog, we explain several things that you can do to better prepare yourself for ...
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  • Common Mistakes People Make During Their Child Custody Battle

    When you are going through a difficult child custody battle, it can be easy to let yourself get caught up watching to see if your ex-spouse makes any mistakes. But what about you? Many people are unaware of the mistakes they make during their child custody battle because they are too busy waiting to see if their ex slips-up. Since the court is paying close attention to both of you, it is important ...
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  • Third-Party Custody and Visitation Rights: Navigating the Minefield of Legal Standards

    I have experienced an increasing number of clients involved in third-party custody and visitation disputes pitting parents against non-parents. These third party “non-parents” are often grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, distant family members, friends, or other people who meet the definition of “a person with a legitimate interest.” Whether my client is the non-parent attempting to gain ...
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  • Questions to Consider before Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

    When it comes to your children, there is no greater priority in life and you always want to be sure you are making the right decisions for them. If you are currently involved in a custody battle, you might be asking what the best choice is for them. Should you hire a child custody attorney? Keep in mind that your children’s best interests are at stake and your decision must ultimately be based on ...
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  • How Does Relocation Affect Child Custody?

    For divorced couples with children, relocations are among some of the most challenging situations they might face. Unfortunately, for economic or personal reasons, moving is sometimes a necessity and inevitably impact the custody and visitation schedule, presenting both parents with quite a predicament. If you are deciding to move, or your co-parent is considering relocation, here is what you need ...
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  • Top 8 Child Custody Questions

    Child custody can be a challenging decision for any couple. Often, these decisions can be a point of contention for many parents, and there are many factors to consider when you and your child’s other parent are determining custody. Find answers to the top 8 child custody questions to help you begin your child custody case. 1. How Do I Prepare for a Child Custody Hearing? Work with your child ...
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  • 5 Child Custody Tips for the Holiday Season

    Parents can often carry feelings from their divorce forward after their separation and cause children to feel torn between each parent, especially during the holidays. For parents who are unprepared to deal with this discomfort, the holiday season can become a time of great challenges and conflict regarding child custody and parenting time. To minimize tensions and help you and your child’s other ...
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  • Child Custody Battles & Common Mistakes Made During Them

    During a child custody battle, it can be easy to get caught up watching your ex-spouse to see if they make any mistakes, growing unaware of the slipups you might be making. Since the court is paying close attention to both of you to try to determine who deserves primary custody rights, you really have to watch yourself closely, too. Just one misstep and you could find yourself at an outcome you ...
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