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Should I Stay Married for Financial Reasons?

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For some couples, the end of their marriage is a welcome change. For others, divorce is a tragedy people avoid and delay as much as possible out of fear of the changes to come, especially financially. Staying trapped in the wrong marriage for the sake of money is an outright mistake. Despite finances seeming like a reason to stay, they are not. Change is unpleasant, but unhappy marriages are worse.

In modern-day marriage, both couples often have some form of income. Though not always accurate, this makes moving on from a bad marriage easier. In the past, people stayed married because they didn’t have the income or resources to move on and approach life independently. The tides have changed for the better, as we now understand the cost of a loveless marriage is not worth it. Finances aside, an unhappy or toxic relationship will ultimately deprive you of your health, sanity, and happiness.

Divorce can be quite expensive and unpleasant, though the right family law attorney will make the process as seamless as possible. Not only can we at Malinowski Hubbard, PLLC, offer you cost-effective means of obtaining your divorce, but we will also reduce stress to protect your emotional well-being above all. We strive to help families find a solution that works across the board, even if it forces your life into a new chapter you weren’t anticipating. Ultimately, however, we believe it’s worth it in the end. Money can’t buy happiness- an unhappily married couple will tell you that.

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