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  • What Should a Proper Marital Settlement Agreement Cover?

    Divorce cases are as unique as the parties involved in them. Some cases can involve years of negotiation, while others may last no longer than five or six months. Ultimately, many divorce cases result in the parties mutually entering into a marital settlement agreement after countless hours of negotiation. This article discusses the main components of an effective and comprehensive marital ...
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  • Helping Your Child Transition Back to School After a Divorce

    f you and your spouse finalized your divorce over the summer, this is likely not only a difficult time for you as you begin to cope with the ensuing changes, it is also difficult for your children, especially as they embark on a new school year. Through effective co-parenting, you and your ex-spouse can help them transition back to school even in the aftermath of this event. They might be afraid ...
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  • Getting Your Visitation Schedule Ready for Summer Vacation

    Now that summer is here, many families go on vacations or travel long distances together. For divorced parents, making plans for summer sometimes means their child custody agreement or visitation schedule will need to be modified to accommodate their children’s needs during the summer. If you don’t want to spend your summer disputing the terms of your custody agreement with your ex-spouse, you ...
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  • Can I Adopt my Stepchild?

    As a stepparent, you play a very important role in your stepchild’s life. However, your rights may not extend as far as you’d like, in which case you may consider adopting your spouse’s child to legally be your own. Many stepparents are more present in a child’s life than the child’s biological parents, in which it is for the child’s best interests to be legally under the care of an adult who ...
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