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Can You Adopt an Adult?

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Can You Be Adopted as an Adult?

Many people don’t know this, but it is legal to adopt a person who is an adult. While the typical image of adoption is generally pictured as an individual or a couple going through an agency to adopt an infant or young child, there are some exceptions to that norm, and adult adoption is one of them.

Reasons for an Adult Adoption

So, why would someone want to adopt a person who is over the age of 18?

An adult adoption can follow the typical parent-adopting-child model, in which someone wants another person, although a legal adult, to be considered their child in the eyes of the law. There are a multitude of reasons for an adult adoption, including:

  • Leaving inheritance to someone who is not the biological child of the deceased
  • Adopting an estranged child
  • Creating a legal bond between a parent and adult child

The younger person can be the initiator of an adult adoption. For example, a person can choose to “adopt” their biological parents if they meet later in life.

A parent adopting an adult child will usually not have the same responsibilities as a parent who adopts a child under the age of 18. Often, the child is still an adult regardless of the adoption status, and therefore still has the self-agency that becoming an adult brings.

The person adopting an adult may be able to gain more responsibility over the “child” through adoption, if the reason for doing so is related to caregiving needs. The adoption of an adult with disabilities or other special needs will grant greater authority to the parental figure.

Experienced Fairfax Adoption Attorneys

Choosing to adopt is an exciting decision, regardless of the age of the person you are adopting. An adult adoption may be the final formalization of a long process, solidifying a strong relationship through law. As exciting as adoption is, it can also be complicated, and adult adoption may involve even more complex processes when compared to a typical adoption.

To guide you through the intricate adoption process, please consult the assistance of our Fairfax adoption lawyers. Malinowski Hubbard has a dedicated team of family law attorneys available for free consultations via phone or online. Contact us today to start your new chapter.